Senior Players bring Nestor Cup to Moycullen

Our club enjoyed a big gathering of young players, older players, former players and families at the Moycullen clubhouse on Wednesday evening to meet the senior players that are part of the Connacht Championship winning team and also the players from this year’s successful Sigerson Cup winning team from NUI Galway.

Paul Clancy, our club chairman, asked the panel members, including Galway Captain Sean Kelly, some questions about their recent success, giving the stars a chance to show our young members what it’s like playing at the top level. The players encouraged all the boys and girls to keep practising their skills, listen to their coaches and keep doing what they are doing. Afterwards, Paul Clancy handed over the mic to some of the young boys and girls who got to practice their sports journalism, asking some tough questions, such as which is their favourite team Galway or Moycullen.

The players took lots of pictures with our juvenile players and sign jerseys with the Nestor Cup and the Sigerson Cup.

All there gave the players a great reception and we wish them all success as the season continues for Galway in the All Ireland Series and later in the summer when Moycullen will start our drive for the 2022 Senior Championship.